Money is a common denomination to facilitate us in getting what we want in this material world. Over a period of time we have evolved from the Barter System (exchange of products or services with each other) to a new metaphor – Money. But still, at the core of it, you either give services or products, and in exchange you get money.

If your service or product is not accepted by worldly sub-consciousness, then you feel interruptions in the flow of money in your home or work place.

With MahaVastu™ you can find the reasons why the world at a sub-conscious level is rejecting your services or products. As soon as you reset your home or work space for money, your products or services not only become attractive, they are also readily accepted by people. They get attracted towards them and spend money to buy them.

Then, your home starts attracting money. There is an exponential growth of cash. That stage onwards money starts flowing in regularly.

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