You can enhance visibility of your work and get recognised by balancing two MahaVastu™ Zones. In a number of MahaVastu™ case studies we came across people who very easily stole the credit of accomplishment without even contributing up to the mark in the work and efforts. This happens when either they are sleeping in the MahaVastu™ Zones of Fame or in the Social-Association Zone or these two Zones are balanced in their home either by presence of the ideal activity or through some colours or due to MahaVastu™ Programming (occurring by chance).

If in your home and workplace the MahaVastu™ Zone of Fame and Social Association is weak or imbalanced then you and your efforts are neither recognised nor appreciated, in spite of your putting in all the efforts, physical and mental presence and money resources. So whenever you find that you do not achieve enough visibility and recognition for all the effort you are making then you need to balance only two Zones at home. After the application of MahaVastu™ at your home and workplace, you start realizing within 4-6 weeks that people are appreciating you and your fame and recognition are growing day by day.

One of the students, who had learned MahaVastu™, after 2 days of joining the MahaVastu™ Course, suddenly found answer to his biggest question – that was why he was not getting recognised at his office. He also found that due to a toilet in the Zone of Fame and Recognition he was not getting recognized for his hard work and contribution put in for growth of his company. Within 3 weeks of application of simple MahaVastu™ Remedies and Techniques for that toilet, his MD called him and said “I was under high pressure to appoint a person for a very responsible job in our new project which is to be executed in UAE. And just 3 days back your name flashed in front of my eyes so will it be possible for you to go to Middle East and handle the responsibility?”

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