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Vastu Purush Mandala - Energy Fields

Every building is governed by energy-fields which are termed as Devtas, these comprise a vital element of MahaVastu™.

Man makes structures and buildings to perform certain functions in a building. As soon as space is enclosed, it starts behaving as a scaled down model of the Universe. Different energy-fields emerge automatically. These energy-fields react with human consciousness. They alter, blend and redirect consciousness as per their own attributes.

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Five Layered Human Being

A human being is part consciousness (Atma - soul) wrapped in 5 layers known as Panchkosha in Vedanta. The layers are Physical Body (Annmaya Kosha), Energy Body (Pranamaya Kosha), Mind Body (Manomaya Kosha), Intuition Body (Vigyanmaya Kosha) and Joy Body (Anandmaya Kosha).

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Effect of Earth Energies

Earth is the manifestation ground for desires of Universal Consciousness (Param Atma) through human consciousness (Atma). To manifest our purpose or core desire nature like a manager, facilitates all necessary powers and conditions. The Earth is encircled with energy lines both horizontally and vertically, thus creating energy grids. Hindu alchemists recognized them as Mandalas. They went further in this discovery, they recognised the usage of individual Mandalas to fulfill specific purposes.

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Influence of Stars & Planets

Stars and planets, the objects of the external Space (Universe), are responsible for the programming of your sub-conscious mind at Manomaya Kosha. This creates the life you are experiencing now. Your purpose of life, your goals, your choices, inborn habits, inclinations of mind, your reference points of happiness and pain, your own philosophy of how you lead your life, are some part of that programming, among many more.

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Law of Universe

The Law of Universe is: the world is created out of the experience of joy. The Universe is conscious and full of joy. The Hindu Alchemy of Space says, that to experience itself, Universal Consciousness (Param Atma) created the world, which is full of joy! Desire is 'consciousness on a journey to joy'. Desire drives you and your life, to experience joy, thus, creating a new world for you. In this process, joy creates the world. And even while experiencing the joy, we are the creation of joy. Little wonder we got created when our parents were passing through an experience of joy.

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