Since time immemorial, man has been aware of places of power and personal influence. On those places, he constructed buildings to rule or sought to regain power through temples or worship places. British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill said, “We shape our buildings, thereafter, they shape us”. Then the same quote was quoted by Indian Prime Minister Sh. Inder Kumar Gujral ji in his scrap book. In 1960 one spiritual guide recommended then Prime Minister of India Pt. Sh. Jawahar Lal Nehru ji, that if TeenMurti Bhawan (then residence of Indian Prime Minister) would have been retained by him or his family then he and his generations would always exercise power and maintain personal influence forever.

Buildings where you live or work decide the field (size, area and strength) of your personal influence and power. During the research for MahaVastu, The most powerful and influential buildings were studied. The results of the research were amazing and interesting to note. It was found that only 4 MahaVastu™ Zones were responsible for powerful or weaker personal influence. These concepts were used in regaining the political power and creating influential business brands.

In the same way, you too can create and empower your personal influence in society from your home and work place with application of MahaVastu™.

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