The British say, “Customers are valuable”; the Americans say, “Customer is everything”; and the Japanese say, “Customer is God”. In India, people pray to God to send them customers, once a customer comes in then they try to act smart. While working for growth of business for different people in different cultures, around the world, it was found that whatever philosophy people might adopt for their customers, MahaVastu™ works equally well everywhere on the planet. It was also found that MahaVastu™ solutions responded very well in England, New York and around, in business centers located on the coastal areas as compared to the industry and businesses located far away from the sea. Surprisingly, most of the financial capitals around the world are located within a radius of 50km from sea shores. Similarly, attracting customers and orders in the spaces near coastal areas give much faster results. Within 3-4 weeks you can easily make out from the increased flow of orders and customers footfall, how MahaVastu™ Techniques are actually effecting a change.

As per the observations, there are certain places in a market which naturally force customers to buy from those places only. An effect, almost similar to that effect, if not to that degree can be created in any space if Earth energies and energy fields do not vary too much.

These guidelines are meant mainly for industrialists who have a choice where to select their warehouses and offices when they are searching for new locations. But if you are doing business from any space for more than 5 years and suddenly start feeling a decrease in customer’s footfall and flow of orders, then you need not relocate yourself. Simply, application of 4-Steps of MahaVastu™ Procedures and MahaVastu™ Techniques can increase the orders and improve your sales to unprecedented levels.

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