Depression is consciousness stuck in either past or in a negative mode. The flow of natural energies from Anandmaya Kosha and Vigyanmaya Kosha to Manomaya Kosha gets disturbed. That’s why mind does not feel energetic and consciousness gets stuck into a mode where a (depressed) person does not like anything and loses his ability to enjoy.

This psychological problem is related only with the space where you live, viz., your home. In the acute symptoms of depression a person loses his interest in life, sex, day to day enjoyments, and also in doing any work. MahaVastu™ cannot replace the therapeutic methods recommended by medical science but it can certainly, prove to be of great help in restoring the balanced and natural state of mind.

While working on problems such as depression, anxiety or abnormal behavior, always try to work out what are the basic reasons the cast the consciousness into a negative mode. The first and foremost reason, as observed in a number of MahaVastu™ case studies for healing depression, is having your bedroom in the MahaVastu™ Zone of Depression. The second reason is having your temple or prayer room in MahaVastu™ Zone of Expenditure and Wastage. The 3rd reason, for temporary depression, is having storage in NE MahaVastu™ Zone of your home. And 4th reason for depression is having a toilet in NE MahaVastu™ Zone.

With 4-steps of MahaVastu™ you will be able to match the symptoms accurately. If any of the 4 symptoms in a building matches then correcting them by using the 16 MahaVastu™ Techniques, can help you in healing depression.

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