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You will come to know the exact Vastu reasons for your problems in your meeting with well Qualified and Experienced MahaVastu™ Experts. People get amazed when MahaVastu™ Experts pin pointedly tell them what is placed where in their homes by just listening to their problems. All you need is to come with floor plan of your premises with North direction marked as per compass and not with the estimate of sunrise, along with a list of your problems or goals that you are not successful in achieving. (Building Plans and List of Problems / Goals – these two things are most important for an effective and productive meeting.) If you don’t have a map, it is better to draw it yourself for the first meeting with MahaVastu Expert.
Sometimes, as found in many cases, problems in life are not due to Vastu. But, Immature Vastu Advisors misguide and create confusions. According to MahaVastu™ system, 100% matching of symptoms v/s reasons is required to get effective results and solutions to your problems.

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