Anxiety is becoming more and more prevalent in the times we live in. Here too MahaVastu™ can help greatly.
Overcome Anxiety: The main cause of anxiety is sleeping in the MahaVastu™ Zones of Churning, viz., ESE. The second most common cause is doing Pooja or Meditation in this Zone.

If you feel restless and anxious, you will find either of these two reasons as the cause. With these reasons people tend to get highly restless and turn hypertensive; they are not at ease even with their own self. With such a state of mind they are not able to make wise investment decisions and often bear losses. Over a period of time, they develop ailments such as Diabetes or/and High Blood Pressure.

If a pregnant lady sleeps in this zone, her child comes out to be a Hyperactive Child – always proving destructive and even injuring himself or herself.

If possible, don’t ever make bed rooms in this Zone. If you already have one and there is no scope to shift it to some other positive MahaVastu™ Zone, then paint your bedroom either light Cream (Yellow side) or Pastel Green (in very light tone). You will see your anxiety level coming down day by day and will be relaxed in two weeks.

This is how MahaVastu™ helps you to be calm, relaxed and overcome anxiety, naturally without recourse to medicines which often have heavy side effects or addictive characteristics.

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